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One may wonder why we spend so much effort to teach headcovering for Christian women, especially when the pulpits of the Western world are all but silent on the issue. The answer to such a question is simply this: The respect for authority and headship is all but lost in America. As Americans we are not in spiritual nor scriptural order; not in our homes, not in our country, but especially not in our churches. Headcovering would go along way toward remedying our dilemma.
The modern woman finds herself in a different world with different norms than they would have fifty years ago. Women today are heads of large corporations. Also, women find themselves seated in the pastoral chairs of many churches. Women are elected bishops in some denominations. One should be concerned about the lines of demarcation between the roles of the sexes.
There is, by and large, an undue lack of respect and honor coming from the sector of Christian women toward the authority which Yahweh has placed in the home, and civil government, but especially in the church. The pain of all this is that the same attitude is reflected by the children that are nurtured by women, who themselves, fail to reflect respect for authority. The children have zero respect for father, when they see that mother has no respect for father. (Sometimes, more often than it should be, the man has given his wife nothing to honor. Rather than raise children in a home where the man of the house is unrespectable, a mother has a responsibility to her children to provide a suitable role model. There are far worse circumstances in the home than divorce.)  Consequently, the boy children grow up with no sense of respect—neither to receive it nor to give it. Therefore, those whom the (boys grown to be the) fathers should respect, such as our leaders, law enforcement, and pastors, are not respected. Todayʼs fathers, raised by mothers who did not demonstrate respect or honor for their heads, do not, themselves, expect to receive such from their wives or children; thus, a society is produced where authority is despised and civility is but an old shoe that is discarded as yesterday’s trash. It is not an untrue statement that, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

Ecclesiastical Bra Burning
In the sixties, when the feminist movement was getting under way, it was common to see pictures in the newspapers, and on the evening news, of women burning their bras in public, as a symbol of throwing off male headship. Since that time women have made great headway in the public arena, but, to the detriment of the western family and the morals of society in general. We need not list the items of deterioration in our society since the decade of the sixties. Let it suffice to say that the Bible was kicked out of the public school system in that decade. When the Bible went out, armed policemen came in, and now patrol the hallways of our institutions of learning; not only at the high school level but also in middle school and even lower grades. Teen pregnancy has continued to escalate unabated. Drugs have become pandemic. Abortion and Gay Rights, twin sisters of hell, are the rule of the day. All of this should serve to illustrate how important it is to civilization for the woman to stand her post in the home. When mothers leave the home to enter the marketplace, other voices become the moral conscience of the younger generation. When the women, in general, left their God appointed position to excel, and even compete, in the marketplace, with their male counterparts, the home was forsaken and a generation has become lost. Yes, feminism has advanced women in the marketplace of the world, perhaps, at the expense of Western civilization itself.
It was in the same decade that Christian women laid aside their God ordained headcovering in the house of God. I remember those days. I remember the women saying: “We do not need to wear the symbol to keep the principle. We will recognize the order of headship, and keep it in our hearts; it is not necessary to wear the headcovering to keep the principle.” There is a saying that; “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Well, we have had half a century of eating the pudding, and there is poison in the dish.
God, in His wisdom, gave us symbols that were object lessons to teach principles. He knew, even if our most gifted theologians do not, that if the symbol is neglected, the principle will be forsaken. Jesus taught this very thing in the parable of the Wine and the Wineskins. He said, “You put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” In this parable, Jesus taught that the wineskin preserved the wine and was, moreover, fundamental to the preservation of it. Now, of course, the wine is the important thing, not the wineskin. Just as the Western Church reasoned fifty years ago that the principle of headship was the important thing. However, in Jesusʼ parable the wineskin was the preserver of the wine. Even so, the headcovering had been the preserver of the principle of headship for two thousand years in the Lordʼs Church; now, only fifty years removed from the discarding of the headcovering we see the destruction of the morals of a nation, and the deterioration of Western Christian society altogether. Now, weʼre not saying that the removal of the headcovering caused the collapse that we see going on around us ( for the sin was in the heart long before the headcoverings were removed from the head); but, we are saying that the removal of the object lesson, which taught the principle (the wineskin that preserves the wine), removed a constant reminder, from before the eyes of men and women, of Godʼs appointed roles. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” has never been truer than here. When the visible reminder is removed, men and women forget.
Just as the secular women of the sixties burned their bras to demonstrate against male headship, so the Christian women of the same era removed their headcovering to make the same statement. It was the same demonic spirit working in both the secular and religious arenas. Removal of the Christian womanʼs headcovering was nothing less than ecclesiastical bra burning.

N. O. W. (National Organization of Women)
Before I go on from this section I want to ask this question: From whom are Christian women getting their marching orders? the Bible? or N. O. W. (National Organization of Women)?”
Following is a quote from N. O. W.'s handbook, Under A. "Religion Resolutions"
"Because the wearing of a head covering by women at religious services is a symbol of subjection within many churches, N.O.W. recommends that all chapters undertake an effort to have all women participate in a 'national unveiling' by sending their head coverings to the task force chairman. At the Spring meeting of the task force of women and religion, these veils will be publicly burned to protest the second class status of women in all churches. (Dec. 1969)" 
The National Organization for Women (N.O.W.) is an organization founded in 1966. It has a membership of 550,000 contributing members set up for the advancement of women. The organization consists of 550 chapters in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
While the women of the world were burning their bras, women of the church were burning their head-coverings. All dancing to the same demonic spiritual beat.

Unimportant, if not Salvific?
    Please excuse the personal references.
While writing this book, a close pastor friend sent the author this very serious objection. He said, “No disrespect intended, but, I want to concentrate my efforts on winning the lost! If it's not heaven and hell, why do we spend so much time addressing issues such as ...!!” Although this pastor (whom I love dearly in Christ and who has labored with me in Christ) wrote these words, what I write below is not addressed to him alone, but to all who share his sentiments.
“No disrespect from me either, but, it is sad that so many feel that way. I say that because we have a responsibility to our generation to affect society. An example is that Billy Graham spent a life time of ministry preaching only salvation to the lost, but has not left a footprint on Western society in general. Why?
“Will, I have thought long and hard on that point. In my humble opinion it is because he refused to engage his generation on any social level whatsoever. He never took a political stand on any issue that mattered, nor did he speak against society's migration away from New Testament culture.
“A salvation message only may appeal to those who wrongly preach and expect the rapture any second, and who believe that the world is going to the devil and his anti-christ; but, there is also a responsibility to be watchmen on the wall, crying out the warning against the sin of disrespect to the Scripture, and the migration away from Christian culture. Some issues may not be  salvational for the individual, but, be disastrous for the next generation if not preached. Now, this is only a valid argument IF one believes there will be a NEXT generation. I do. And a next, and a next, and a next, etc.
“It use to be that we could speak of the ‘Christian culture’—not any more. Our churches have become so ‘seeker friendly’ that sin is hardly preached against by name, dress codes (headcovering, in particular) have been discarded altogether, lest the visitors be offended. Where can the Christian culture be found in your congregation outside of the church house? Better yet, where can the Christian culture be found INSIDE your church? Ponder this: If a man persisted on wearing a ball cap or hat in your church services, would you approach him on the matter?
“I think the greatest shame is that you know the instructions of Paul and refuse to teach them to the people God has given you to shepherd. You may ease your conscience by saying that it is not salvational, but you would be wrong. Maybe not salvational to the individual, but salvational to the life of the Church of Christ.
“I see this as the greatest sin of the Rapture-Now theology. Those of us who have been promoters of it have neglected (and put in danger) the future life of the Lord's church. When it is all said and done the Watchmen on the walls must answer to a righteous God who left instructions, through His holy apostles, how to maintain headship in the Kingdom, and protect Christian culture throughout the earth. You may not have the blood of your generation on your hands, but could very well be stained with the blood of future Christianity.”

Lest We Forget
Paul said, “For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the Angels.” The symbol of headship that a woman wears on her head is the greatest preacher and teacher of headship the Church has. The institution of headcovering is a priceless gift given by a loving God to the human family to help us maintain order and unity in His economy.
When I, as a husband, see my wifeʼs headcovering I am preached to. She may not realize it but she is saying to me, “You are my covering; it is your responsibility to cover me both physically and spiritually.” The headcovering serves to remind me of my responsibility to be my wifeʼs protector and provider.
On the other hand when my wife puts on her headcovering she also is ministered to in the following manner. First, she is reminded that she has a covering, someone to stand between her and all else—physically and spiritually, she has a protector, she has a provider, she has a champion in life. Second, she is reminded of her role in the family and in society at large; that she is to be in submission to her head and function in a role of delegated authority in relation to that headship. Within my lifetime this preacher of headship was silenced; so, many have forgotten.
Beloved, it is our desire that Godʼs people be blessed; but, we cannot be blessed when we are not in submission to those whom God has placed as heads over us. Whether it be Christ over man, man over woman, or a woman over the children. We must respect and honor authority.

To Lady Ministers
Permit me to address you lady ministers: Before you mount the platform of the Church, and before you take your position behind the sacred desk, be aware that angels are watching (Hebrews 12:1, 22), and looking to you for instruction in the wisdoms of God (Ephesians 3:10). The sin of their kind was a transgression of rank in the heavenly realm. You, my sister, who represent the church of Christ (Ephesians 5:22-32) to all the angelic hosts, should be mindful not to do anything that gives the appearance of transgressing your God-appointed rank in His kingdom, such as the removal of your headcovering. If you remove your headcovering in the assembly, where you are in the presence of an innumerable company of angels, you are serving notice to the spirit realm that you are not content with Godʼs created order. This directly affects their ability to minister to you, because you become associated with that portion of their race which saddened heaven with their disaffection of Godʼs rule. Second, you serve notice to the fallen angels that you are of their spirit and cut from the same bolt of cloth as they, and consequently, are prepared to partner with them.

Your way is clear. Have the courage to go against the tide of feminism and take your place in Godʼs order, not the worldʼs. Permit your conscience to be taken captive by the Word of God.

Apostolically Speaking
☩ Mar David Ignatius

This has been an excerpt from the author's book "Christian Woman's Headcovering"

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